"Just putting some unsolicited advice out there in hopes of nourishing you. No need to respond. Just be open to receive rather than always giving.

1. See the sentence above.

2. Resistance to pain is always more painful that the pain itself. Accept reality and make the best of it without denial or overly wishful thinking.

3. Know that life is perfect and that you'll be fine as long as you don't make self-punishing or self-judging decisions. You can't make a bad decision with the best of intents unless you are hiding the truth from yourself. Your life reflects you and you will be fine no matter what way anything goes.

4. You don't "need" anything or anybody that you can't have.

5. The universe will not challenge you beyond your ability to handle it. Lessons can be difficult to accept, but that's what we're here for.

6. Happiness is within anyway, so take care of yourself, nourish yourself and find peace within. The rest will take care of itself. If you address the outside before the inside, the outside will only reflect the imbalance within.

7. If everything is a bit too much, reduce commitments and obligations. What you accomplish while stressed and pained carries those negative vibes anyway, so better to simplify rather than push too hard. (There can be exceptions to this once in awhile but your inner judgment will know the exceptions to all these not-hard and not-fast rules)

8. There is rarely change without loss. Accept loss and allow change to bless.

9. We are all too hard on ourselves in general. Love and accept yourself or otherwise it's like a negative judgment on all those around you who aren't even as good as you try to be.

10. Don't try to make it to 10. Give yourself a break when needed.

Peace and Love

Achala Baba

11. Despite all the above, sometimes the Spirit demands intense courage and brutal honesty. Be aware of yourself at all times.

12. All lists are lies. There are no hard and fast rules.