I will be giving 10 days of satsang in Lakshman Jhula from March 23rd through April 2nd. (My first satsangs in 5 years) Satsang will be at 10:30 am in the Yoga room of Dharm Yatri Nivas Hotel, across from Sant Seva Ashram. We are putting this together last minute so frills will be few. Bring a yoga mat or blanket to sit on. Satsang will likely be intimate and you'll be able to ask questions. We will explore Self-Realization, Love, Presence, the Divine Feminine and the Poetry of Life. I will also give a
Shamanic Death and Rebirth Ceremony on Thursday March 27th instead of Satsang (same time and location) March 28th will be no satsang (maybe we go rafting to commune with Ganga) If there are any musicians who would like to lead a bit of Kirtan during satsang, drop me a line.

This is not a intellectual exercise. By holding intention and presence together we will invite Transformation, Grace and Love. After being authorized by Papaji in 1986, and Hansraj Maharaji in 2009, I have given only a week of satsangs so I wouldn't have to be in any "role" but the Love needs to flow, so I offer this to you with Love.
Contact Jai at 8979746181 or myself at 8193979620 or email.
Satsang is free. Optional donation for the room rental if you like.

Love and Light... Baba