The deepest level of Human is Being.
God and Human are both essentially That; Beingness.
Being encompasses Awareness and Feeling.

The essence of Feeling is Bliss.
When “Another” is perceived, Feeling is known as Love.

Awareness becomes the mind by assuming the form of our thoughts. Identification with the content of our minds clouds the Awareness of our True Nature.

Consequently the expression of our Feeling and Awareness become distorted. Our reactions and clinging to those distortions cause pain and separation. Anger and Jealousy pollute Love.

We take our self-image and personal history and weave a false identity for ourselves. It is reinforced constantly by our internal dialog about ourselves. This identity constantly seeks validation and gratification, and yet is always insecure by virtue of it’s own untruth. Our Souls become lost in a dream.

In a dream, there is no direct evidence of the dreamer.

Still, the world is obviously not as we see it. The entire mass of the Earth, according to science, could be compressed to the size of a golf ball. We are swimming in an invisible electromagnetic sea of cell calls, TV channels, radio waves, ultra-violet, and infa-red light. Gamma rays pass right through our bodies without our notice. Science has even lost faith in the fabric of our whole drama, Time and Space.

And yet we cling to our tenuous imaginary-self and flawed sense-based perception of our world. We view our circumstances as random and capricious.

Watch your life as a witness and you may discover that there is a Poetry of Life that reflects everything you think and express. Our society reflects the sum totality of its members. The direct and effective way to uplift our personal experience and serve society is by raising our own awareness, particularly by aligning our awareness with our Inner Being.

When we change, we’ll note that everything changes around us. The conflicts that we resolve within ourselves will reflect in more Peace around us and in our world.

Transformation is not about adding skills and knowledge to our ailing selves. It is about removing the obstacles to our natural state of Being: what we already “Are”, beneath the worry and drama. We need to break the habitual pattern of identification with our limited ideas of ourselves. We need to learn to “Be” again.

This awakening to Self shouldn’t be counter to any religion or even aversion to religion. A madman who believes he is a goat can hardly practice any faith with integrity, nor think rationally. We also believe we are what we are not. Reclaiming our true humanity aligns us with God, as we come from God in essence.

Even those who are sick of limited concepts of the Divine can realize that their thoughts and concepts of themselves are imaginary and cause distress. It’s worth reforming our inner world whether one believes in God or not. Blind faith is not required. Experience proves the Path.

It should be obvious to any who honestly inquire, that happiness and fulfillment come from within. We see the misery of the Rich and Famous. We note that our material blessings only give us the briefest satisfaction and relief.

This much is required: The sincere impulse to know truth, and the openness to accept transformation. It is a spiritual truth that if we seek, we will find. Any preconception about what we will find, or how that truth will reveal itself, can stand in our way. Some people use spirituality to enhance their self-image while clinging to the state of their imaginary-self the whole time.

Your Spirit, God, the Universe: They are alive and sentient, here and now. The Light of Consciousness within you lights every moment of your experience. That is your source and true nature. Spirituality is not a pastime nor a search for a strange foreign mystical reality. Spirituality is the state of yourself at every moment, and a return to the essence of your very Being. You can never be without yourself for an instant, but our preoccupation with our mental world obscures our Truth.

So I invite you to ask the Divine to Dance with you. Clearly express to the God, Yourself, and the Universe that you want the Truth of Yourself revealed to you. Ask for an open Heart and Mind. Then watch your Life and read the poetry of the Universe. Take a few steps on the path by learning to calm your mind and be present in the Here and Now. That will empower you to see what happens.

If you are already on the path, similar advice applies. Sometimes we take our state of Being for granted. We can’t shift to a higher level if we unconsciously anchor ourselves in our habitual awareness. Make the intention to go deeper. Now is the time when the forces that hold us back can be transcended.

I wish you all Peace, Love, and Light.